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Abstract Submission

Please review the 2020 abstract submission guidelines for rules and formatting information prior to submitting your abstract.

Do not miss the opportunity to submit your latest research on liver cancer science for selection as an oral communication or poster presentation at the Conference. Abstract submission will open on Tuesday, 22 January 2020 and will close on 14 April 2020.

Abstracts should address all aspects of liver cancer with a clear emphasis on maximizing focus, exchange and results. Entries should fall under one of the below categories:

Molecular pathogenesis, molecular pathology, cell biology and translational research

Epidemiology, staging and prognosis

Diagnosis, imaging and biomarkers

Clinical trials, treatment research & miscellaneous (including trials in progress)

Please note that completed research projects, work and trials in progress, and abstracts presented at previous scientific meetings other than ILCA will also be considered.

Please make sure to review the full submission guidelines before submitting your abstract:

e-Posters and Paper posters

At ILCA 2020 all accepted abstracts will be presented in General Sessions or as posters. Each poster will be displayed on paper and electronically, as this year we will feature two poster sessions, increasing visibility and networking opportunities among participants.

The e-Poster and paper poster sessions will be held on Friday, 11 September from 9:30-10:45 and Saturday, 12 September from 9:30-10:45.

Authors will have the opportunity to submit an electronic version of their poster, or prepare several slides, which will be displayed on touch screens in the poster area.

e-Poster/Paper poster presenters will receive an email with instructions on where and how to submit their e-Poster/Paper poster presentation following acceptance of their abstract.

Oral Communications

A number of abstracts will be selected to be presented as an oral communication in a general session. Presentation will include a 10-minute presentation plus 5 minutes Q&A for each presenter.

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