Incyte – Sponsored Industry Symposium Highlights

What is the best way to navigate the genomic diversity of cholangiocarcinoma? How do clinicians ensure patients with cholangiocarcinoma receive the most appropriate treatment tailored to their individual needs?

These were the key questions addressed today by four leading cholangiocarcinoma experts, as they shared experiences and practical guidance on a precision medicine-based approach during the Incyte-sponsored educational symposium ‘Personalised Approaches in Cholangiocarcinoma’, chaired by Prof Bruno Sangro (Spain).

Dr Harpreet Wasan (UK) discussed the clinical and genetic heterogeneity in cholangiocarcinoma and provided his expert insights on their potential relevance to optimised disease management. Dr Ana Vivancos (Spain) explored the evolving role of comprehensive molecular profiling to inform potential therapeutic selection, and shared her perspectives on the key considerations, challenges and opportunities associated with the different technologies used for diagnosis and molecular profiling. Finally, Dr Joachim Mertens (Switzerland) provided an overview of evolving treatment strategies and reflected on the targets of molecularly driven therapies under investigation.

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Chair: Prof Bruno Sangro

Dr Harpreet Wasan
(United Kingdom)

Dr Ana Vivancos

Dr Joachim Mertens

A virtual educational event organised and sponsored by Incyte Biosciences International

Date of preparation: July 2020
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