IPSEN – Sponsored Industry Symposium

Changing the disease course in HCC: Current evidence and future insights

In recent years, the treatment landscape in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has rapidly expanded and diversified, providing clinicians with a plethora of new options to manage this difficult-to-treat cancer. In this symposium, join Professors Sandrine Faivre, Josep Llovet and Arndt Vogel as they present and discuss recent data to address key outstanding questions facing clinicians in their day-to-day practice.

How can we apply the latest clinical trial evidence to the clinic?

Sandrine Faivre will discuss the rapidly evolving treatment landscape, with a look at clinical studies approaching completion in the near future. Professor Faivre will use her extensive clinical experience and knowledge of the latest clinical trial data to explain how to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

How can we sequence treatment options to ensure the best possible outcomes?

Arndt Vogel will discuss the latest clinical trial data surrounding treatment sequencing. Given the recent emergence of CPI plus VEGFR-targeted combination therapies in 1st line, Professor Vogel will review the data that may guide 2nd-line therapy selection in this currently poorly understood clinical scenario.

How can we leverage knowledge of the tumour microenvironment to help us understand the synergistic mechanisms underlying outcomes for next-step treatment options?

Josep Llovet will highlight how application of the latest preclinical and clinical data may shape future treatment strategies. In this presentation, Professor Llovet will provide a comprehensive overview of the synergy that exists between various combinations currently under investigation, and the implications for the future of HCC treatment.

This is an educational, non-promotional meeting organised and funded by Ipsen. The opinion and views expressed in this presentation are those of the presenter and do not necessarily constitute the opinions or recommendations of Ipsen (i.e. The scientific information may include data/information on drugs that have not yet received price and reimbursement approval by local regulatory authorities).

CBZ-ALL-002168/CBZ-BE-000413 Date of preparation: August 2020